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    Domain Pricing Manager (eNom) Addon Module

    • Our WHMCS eNom Domain Pricing Manager enables you to Fully automate your domain pricing. Automatically import all available eNom TLDs and add them to your pricing, set your pricing controls and let the module take care of the rest. Your pricing will always be up to date, both for new orders and renewals

      There is also a Home page widget allowing you to easily check and update your eNom account balance, all without leaving WHMCS.

      Fully Automatic

      Set it and leave it. All pricing is automatically calculated according currency exchange rates and pricing settings.


      Gives the user full control over local pricing.

      Any domain extension can be excluded from the automatic update and pricing manually set as required.

      Both functions facilitate the setting/update of pricing across all client groups/price slabs and currencies set up in WHMCS and both offer the ability to update pricing for existing clients taking into account any domain addons and promotional discounts. Recurring promotional discounts with a limited number of recurrences will be removed from the pricing calculation once the number of uses has been reached.
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